AT LAST... A quick and easy way to anchor a boat to a sand bar, river bank or beach! Introducing: The Powerpointe Sand and Mud Anchor
Patented design... The Powerpointe Sand and Mud Anchor uses a built-in slide hammer to drive the anchor into and out of the shore. This unique design produces a truly easy-to-use shore anchor with tremendous holding power. No more having to tie up to trees or dig holes to bury conventional bottom type anchors!

Light weight... Weighing only ten and one half pounds, the Powerpointe is easy to use for any boater. It can usually be driven in with only three or four strokes, yet holds boats up to 30 feet or longer.

Best used in pairs... Powerpointe boat anchors work best when used in pairs tied to the stern of the boat to keep the bow safely pointed into the shore and the outdrive in deep water. However, a single anchor works great tied to the center of a pontoon boat, or it can keep a runabout from working loose and drifting off.

Rugged Construction... Powerpointe boat anchors are made with pride in St. Louis Missouri. They feature a solid steel, MIG welded frame, a cast iron weight and aluminum handle, all finished with a baked-on, durable and attractive powder-coated finish, for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Store easily... Powerpointe boat anchors are 41 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and 5 inches thick. They store easily in boat gunwales, under front cushions or in floor ski storage compartments.

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